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GI function

Global prevalence

Functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGIDs), of varying symptoms and severity, are a growing burden on populations and healthcare systems. Often a causal link cannot be isolated, requiring a number of diagnostic procedures and treatment

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GI function
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  • A 2020 global epidemiological study of functional GI disorders (FGID) in 73,076 adults surveyed across 33 countries, identified that 4 in 10 adults suffer from functional gastrointestinal disorders of varying severity31
  • The prevalence of FGIDs was higher in women than in men, with 49% of the women and 37% of the men meeting the diagnostic criteria for at least one FGID. Furthermore, all incidences were clearly associated with lower quality of life31
  • The severity of the disorders varied, from mild discomfort to symptoms that adversely affected quality of life to a high degree. The prevalence of FGIDs was also strongly associated with high consumption of healthcare, such as visits to the doctor and use of medication, but also surgery31

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